Life, Watered Down

by Koala Tea Time

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This album was recorded in multiple locations between January and March of 2014.

This is the debut full length of Nick Decker's project Koala Tea Time


released April 19, 2014

Brad Cook recorded "Forgetting..." and "Wanting to Die..." in his basement in Pasadena, Maryland

Denis and Toby Nye recorded "Rub Some Dirt On It" and "Life, Watered Down" in his apartment in Portland Maine

Christopher Armstrong recorded the rest at USM - Gorham

Greg Strong - Piano/Vox

Toby Nye - Clarinet

Christopher Armstrong - Vox

All lyrics/guitar/banjo/bass written and performed by Nick Decker

Album art by Zack Pelletier



all rights reserved
Track Name: Wanting to Die In Somewhere, New Hamphsire
My arms are too weak to keep you warm this winter
My heart is too weak to do anything but pump cold blood
I am too weak to pretend that I even care

So take this heart that I've given you
And throw it into the bay
They are both polluted beyond the point of repair

Don't tell me to be easy
Don't tell me to not be scared
I want to kill your vibe and then I want to kill myself
Track Name: Forgetting Childhood Lakes II
Do you remember the nights we stayed up talking
in your old bedroom?
You told me that there's a saying -
that a persons eyes are a window to their soul.

When the sun rose up, you said we should do this again.
But we never got our chance to.
I moved out, and I moved on from our home town.
But I never forget the words that you said.

When I moved into my new place
I painted the walls the color of your eyes.
I painted the walls the color of your soul.

I'm so sorry that I left you. You were the only home I ever had.
Track Name: Dorm Room Cop Party
The first snowfall of the year won't be the last
And snow forms layers on sidewalk paths
as thin as the ones of dust forming on top of my lungs
Weighing down with anxiety
Pulling down with gravity

And I've been thinking about hanging
And I've been dreaming about my heart bleeding
from confusion
of not knowing where it belongs
I don't know where I belong

Cause I've destroyed my only home
I've destroyed my only home
Track Name: Euthanizing 101 Dalmatians
Our hearts are tangible
We can feel them beating inside of our chests
But yours is made of the finest sands
When the wind blows the grains will grow through the cracks of my hands
Reminding me your love is not for me to keep

And the winds are picking up
spreading all of the leaves from their trees
And I want to be a tree so I can die for the winter
Bring me back to life when there's something beautiful to see

I know that you think that you're the reason that I want to die
But believe me when I say that's my own fault
Track Name: Life, Watered Down
I remember the day you told me about your dream
The one where you said we were living under water
You said that you woke up before it ended, but we both know that I drowned.
Like I always do.

I had dreams of my own
I saw an angel with broken wings
And it broke my heart when she tried to fly just to hit the ground

That bone shattering sound
Made me gasp for breath

Our lives are watered down.
Track Name: Rub Some Dirt On It
I am a deer with a busted leg
You are in a car that hit me and drove off
"It's not a person, it feels no pain"
Track Name: I'll Miss You When You Quit Smoking
Teenagers making out in parking lots
Plastic bags over faces
Young love can be so suffocating

Standing beneath street lights
formed in a circle
waiting for our man to show up
talking about nothing good

Cigarettes go from hand to hand
And cigarettes go from mouth to mouth
As the ashes fall down to our feet

It's not so hard to die together
When we all want to die youngBut if you change your mind
and want to live to see the sun
I'll miss you when you quit smoking
Because you know, thats all we ever really had in common