Split w/ He's Lying, Kill Him

by Koala Tea Time

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released November 14, 2013

Zach Queen did the art
Christopher Armstrong did the recordings (for KTT)
He's Lying, Kill Him is Toby and Elliot Nye



all rights reserved
Track Name: Flake
The day you died, the sky went black.
Your mom said your spirit went above the sky.

The day they buried you, I asked for you to come back home
and it began to rain.

The branches and vines grew over the bench that I put into the woods where we used to have those talks

We said together forever, but we were just stupid kids.
I said I'll follow you wherever you go, but I'm just a stupid kid.
Plus I've still got some time left back here that I've still got to kill.
Track Name: Give It to the Bulls pt. 1
So you're dad kicked you out again? My mom just let me back in.
I'd give you a place to crash, but I can't promise how long that could last.

Your dreams of running away, and hopping trains,
pissing our names in the snow
and getting high with kids we don't know
Well, it will never come true.

No, it will never come true at least not with me.
Because I'm too scared to live like that.
Yeah, I'm too scared to live that way.
I'll see the world my own way either from a different light or at a different place and different time

So go ahead and hop that train
Bring your dads gun if you need it
But don't you write and don't you look back
Because you are on your own now.
Track Name: Give It to the Bulls pt. 2
And I saw your father, stumbling around town drunk again,
he had a black eye, given to him by your kid brother on mothers day.
And he said if you see my bastard of a son, tell him he's not welcome anymore.
So if you hear this where ever you are, if you're not dead or in jail,
you don't have a home anymore, but if you need a place to crash I could give you shelter for a night, but we both know that could never last.
Track Name: He's Lying, Kill Him - Milk and God
I drink milk because I hate god
and I drink milk because I hate myself

I drink milk because I hate Connecticut
I drink milk to get the taste of puke out of my mouth
Track Name: He's Lying, Kill Him - Sometimes Girlfriends Die
Sometimes girlfriends die.