"Good Enough​!​" split w/ Eastern Weeds

by Koala Tea Time

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These are the songs from our first demo, which was a split with Eastern Weeds.


released December 1, 2012

Nick Decker - guitar/vocals
Sean Michael Jones- Stand up Bass, Percussion



all rights reserved
Track Name: It's Just Blood
Some people are depressed, others are just liars.
So don't tell me that it's okay, it's just your blood that your'e throwing up.

It's summer but there's no sun, when you're sleeping in the back of your car, dreaming about all of your dead friends and how they all are dancing on their own graves.

And when it's winter, we won't need to talk about the weather. Because of all the fog coming from your mouth doing all the talking.

If home is where the heart is, then you should really check a map.
Or just go back to sleep and pretend that all of your bad dreams are just B movies.

Whether you like it or not, it's in our nature to survive.
And it's in our blood to fuck it up so fuck it up.

Just lie to yourself and say that it will be okay.
Just lie to yourself and say that it will be okay.
And it will be. And it will be.
And you will be. And you will be.

When they said, they'd take a bullet for you, they didn't mean you should shoot the gun.
Track Name: Picking Flower Petals Never Made A Difference
Nothing will ever change until you swallow your pride, and stop acting like it is cyanide.
Just finish whatever it is you've started, and then maybe you will form a habit out of it.

I know about all the times you study the artifacts under your bed - a secret history buried beneath dust from another time from when you still believed that something exciting would make its way into your life.

Manipulate it and wash it away, I see that you see hearts as grass stains, undesired products of having a good time.

I always thought that it was funny how some people pick flower petals, instead of giving them away to whoever it is they want to be loved by.
Track Name: The Early Bird Get's Last Nights Scraps
My feet burn on the asphalt, but I do nothing to stop it.
Because I know that some day my blisters will callus, and they will not burn - like the pictures of you last night in my room.
When I wanted to see your face just one last time. Can you see the smoke?

I said if you need me, I will always be there, but I guess you haven't needed me all that much.

We were part of the land in our home town, but now we are weathered, eroded and drifting away.

The early bird gets last nights scraps.
Track Name: A Decent Idea For a Short Story
More like zoning than looking out, I lie here awake, my body supine questions by my mind -
why oh why are my eyes open if I don't want to watch this paint anymore, I saw it dry so long ago.

I flipped around and painted everything black. The clairvoyant moths turned their backs to where the light used to be. Or I just can't see them anymore. It really doesn't matter all that much, because either way they win. Because either way I lose.

I'm on the fence now, I'm on my side. There are a few wooden panels in the way, but I can see a clearing.
There are a few wooden buildings in the way, but at least those I can go around.
I hit the switch and wait for another day.
Track Name: Random Notes
I swear I will learn from my mistakes, but first I want to see how bad things can really get. for me
I would kill a man for a full night of sleep if I didn't think he would haunt me in my dreams.

I swear I will learn from my mistakes, but first I want to see how bad things can really get. for me.

Anxiety makes my skin start to crawl, maybe I should start to take those pills again.

Maybe if we never change the subject, then nothing else will matter.So let's stay on this subject and hope we won't run out of things to say.

We won't run out of things to say.